Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Album: Zia

We've walked through the dark woods, past the old abandoned silo where Crazy Tommy lives, straight into the fire and out the other side to bring you this. Steeped in pagan rituals, splattered with tabasco and smelling faintly of smoke, we give to you Zia. It's like a 'Nam flashback for your ears. An hour of Scotchgard huffing goodness.

Veronica and I have been playing together for a while and we decided to make an album of free improvisation. We recorded with poor quality mics in a dusty basement, The Rat Tunnel, on a roof and floral couches. We were under the strong influence of Indian Classical Music, American Primitivism, Russolism, Voodoo and some Bloody Marys. In between sessions of smoking Indian pipe tobacco out on the back porch Veronica and I banged out seven tracks of gentle to screeching sound for banjo, guitar and sometimes ukulele.

Players: Veronica (Banjo), James (Guitar), Camy (Uke on the last track)
It's a miracle we didn't break a string.

Special Thanks to Mufasa Povich.


  1. Sounds neat, I'll be sure to listen to it sometime my life isn't being eating up by a video game. If you guys visit again I should make a special guest appearance or something.

  2. Yeah, we just decided to have some loud fun last weekend. Yes please! I figure Zia probably wont happen again but V-ro and I are gonna do start doing some jazzy improv soon. If we visit again what you wanna do?