Friday, February 26, 2010

A Song for Jim

It's an experimental track I made in my spare time. I've used clips (sometimes repeating) from my late uncle's access television show and put them to sounds and instruments. The first few moments is a recording of the buzzing fluorescent ceiling lamp in my room and the heater whirring and clicking on and off. Other sounds include: a violin bow being dragged across electric guitar strings, a didgeridoo, a ukulele, hand-muted sleigh bells and the sound of a boot stomping on neoprene. For the full effect you gotta wear headphones.


I'm very lame and enjoy cowl scarves and crappy sentimental pictures

Merry Christmas Julian Tavormina

I made up for the lack of bills in my wallet by drawing this unenthused portrait of my chum Julian (He's got a nice blog by the way). It wasn't quite presentable without a frame though so I went down into my magic basement and found a picture frame that was basically two thick slabs of glass that you sandwich a picture between. It was about four inches thick, gaudy and was from the eighties. What a Christmas.

Pork Skull Study

I am going to call this a "study" just so I won't feel bad about not finishing it

Bird Skull and Buddha Hand

I forgot the type of bird this was...hmmm...This is very disheartening. That's a buddha hand in the background there. It's a magnificent fingered citrus fruit from the far east.

Raccoon Fries

Flakey Pete (the wayward raccoon skull) and a barrage of french fries.

Pear People

They're bi-pedal and covered in esoteric symbols.

Teeth and Eyebrows

Ink and watered down acrylic self portrait. I'm radiant.