Thursday, April 28, 2011

Totem Pole and Another Shirt!

Here's the last design in this series. It will be available for sale on both t-shirts and tapestries soon! Also, I combined all three of them together into a big totem pole design and I'm thinking of making that into a scarf as well as an extra long tapestry.


  1. This is a much better shirt design, it fills the space in a more pleasant manner and points to the person's face instead of their groin. I think the giant one would look better if you kept the paper crinkles separate from the design or used a different texture.

  2. Yeah, no worries. That texture is changeable at any time and wont be in the actual product at all. It's just there cuz i liked the crinkled paper and i thought it would be a good stand in for a tapestry or scarf texture. In fact, I just went and changed it to canvas texture now. :) Also, for the groinward pointing shirt, I went back and updated it to be horizontally oriented so it can wrap around the whole torso.