Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two Homemade Tracks and a Grasshopper

So I've got two things I've got to show you. Here's a scan of a project for general illustration involving a fiddle playing grasshopper being eaten by ravenous ants in a snow storm. He reminded me of Christopher Walken the whole time I was painting him. I found that pleasant.

Well, I've been up to some fun nonsense this weekend I guess and I made one instrumental track for a school project and one for the hell of it. It's silly but I just love making noise. The first track will later be layered over with a spoken word piece and be perfected for my type class's conceptual project on the word and theme of "rigidity". The second will not. It is just leftover noise improvisation.

Look! I'm even using a real file sharing site now (Megaupload for now).

(Eh, I made a quick edit. This one sounds like the other one if it were played through an old victrola at the bottom of the ocean. Your choice.)

All sounds are made at home by me in the room outside my parents bedroom. No peace for the DeAngelis'. These include improvised drums and clatter (pots and pans, broken guitar etc.), a rather inharmonious kalimba, electric guitar, clarinet flourishes, pottery, a bow on screechy metal objects and others.

I've been listening to Tuvan throat singing all night and just ended up searching for that terrible 90's song "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I need some shuteye.

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